Sunday, February 25, 2018

Amsterdam city style.

ENG: So last week I've been to Amsterdam for a couple of days (4 to be exact) and it was really amazing! It's been my first holiday again since last July, so I definitely needed that time out. I've been studying and working my ass of the past year and didn't have any time to just sit back and relax... I worked full-time most of the year, studied 24/7 at the same time to finish my studies (which I did now, whoop!!) and had quite a lot to do for the gram as well... so you can say, it was a pretty intense year! I caught myself sitting there crying SO many times because it was all getting too much... I needed a break and didn't find any time at all to get one. I know I'm not really a relaxed person and tend to stress myself too much all the time, but that's just what keeps me going. But I definitely took it too far last year and couldn't be happier to FINALLY get the break I deserve and have some time out just for myself!
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